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The Ethanol Pushback

The Ethanol Pushback So too much of a good thing IS possible. Or at lest, that is how it seems after digesting a buffet of anti-ethanol media lately. From Rush Limbaugh to John Stossel, pundits across the country are tarnishing the name long touted to be the big answer to imported oil. In the latest scathing editorial, […]

Veganism Kills

Veganism Kills Glenn weighs in on the affects of a vegan diet – namely the starvation of babies forced to abandon the protein sources most easily used by their growing bodies. He also points us to a fairly enlightened commentary at the – believe it or not – the New York Times by former vegan Nina […]

A Guest Editorial From Bob Boggs, Ohio Director of Agriculture

A Guest Editorial From Bob Boggs, Ohio Director of Agriculture Firewood Sparks Burning Issue: Buy Local, Burn Local to Protect Ohio’s Trees Firewood houses Emerald Ash Borer and other invasive pests threatening our natural resources A Guest Editorial by Bob Boggs, Ohio Director of Agriculture   Memorial Day weekend is fast approaching and many Ohioans are preparing their camping checklist in anticipation of a […]

Agriculture News from Iraq

Agriculture News from Iraq

Paul McKellips is a USDA/Department of State communications specialist reporting from Iraq on the efforts to rebuild the Iraqi agriculture industry and just sent us this letter:   Hi everybody. I’m back for my third – and as my wife likes to remind me…final – deployment to Iraq. Things are much different now then they […]