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Ohio Farm & Country Wins National "Telly" Award

Ohio Farm & Country Wins National “Telly” Award

Lindsay and I couldn’t be happier, or more humbled, to say we host an award-winning television program: Ohio Farm and Country, the show we host weekly on ONN-TV, was awarded a coveted national Telly Award for agricultural issues-based television programming in the 30th Annual Telly Awards announced this week. The show is produced by the […]

This Week's Column: Taking the First Step

This Week’s Column: Taking the First Step

The Ohio General Assembly took the first step in securing the future of Ohio’s farm families and food production industry this week with the introduction of a cooperative effort to place a comprehensive animal care amendment on the November 2009 ballot. House Joint Resolution 2, sponsored by Representative Allan Sayre (D-Dover), and Senate Joint Resolution […]

This Week's Column: Farmer & Food Public Relations

This Week’s Column: Farmer & Food Public Relations

Food is food. The statement may seem obvious enough, but there exists in our society today a very real tug of war for the hearts and minds of consumers over what exactly constitutes that which seems so obvious. Use of terms like “all-natural,” and niche markets like “organic,” or “hormone-free” have given farmers and food […]

Illinois Agricultural Leadership Program

Illinois Agricultural Leadership Program

A number of states have leadership programs focused on agriculture. In Ohio, the LEAD program is in something of a state of flux, and Ohio Farm Bureau is preparing for the 2nd Class of its AgriPower Institute. In Illinois, the Illinois Agricultural Leadership Foundation hosts a two year Program focused on developing “knowledgeable and effective […]