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Pushing USDA's Office of Communications Off the Cliff

Pushing USDA’s Office of Communications Off the Cliff

Farm writer/television host John Phipps shares some comments he’s reading this morning about USDA’s Office of Communications in light of the growing assumption that farm programs will be gutted even further in the 2012 Farm Bill:   Here’s an example: the Department of Agriculture’s $10 million Office of Communications. Of the total, $9 million is spent on […]

Alabama's Commissioner of Agriculture

Alabama’s Commissioner of Agriculture

While our main focus at the ABN is Ohio agriculture, we have joint ventures with radio networks in other states to produce farm programming. One of our partners is the Alabama Radio Network, so I had a passing interest when I saw this ad for Dale Peterson, a candidate running to be that state’s Agriculture Commissioner: […]

The New Anti-Agriculture Code Word

The New Anti-Agriculture Code Word

There are certain phrases or words that in a given context are used primarily to denigrate or smear one’s opponent.   For example, the word factory used by itself means “production facility.” In the context “factory farm,” however, we’ve been conditioned to assume the farm in question is an unholy monstrosity where the environment is […]

Carry-on Baggage Fees and the Space Program

Carry-on Baggage Fees and the Space Program

Okay, so the only connection between these two disparate topics is that Dr. Althouse commented on them both in recent days/hours, and she and I are essentially on the same page, especially about carry-on’s:   If I’m getting on a plane with a bag and I could either check my bag or not, why should the […]

The Dustup over Milk vs. "Milk-Like" Beverages

The Dustup over Milk vs. “Milk-Like” Beverages

Some years ago, a combination of food scientists and food marketers developed a soy-based beverage that carried an amount of protein and nutrients similar at least in some recognizable fashion to nature’s perfect food: milk. Rather than calling this new food product “soy juice,” or “soy-based beverage,” or some other clever brand name, the productwas […]