Alabama’s Commissioner of Agriculture

While our main focus at the ABN is Ohio agriculture, we have joint ventures with radio networks in other states to produce farm programming. One of our partners is the Alabama Radio Network, so I had a passing interest when I saw this ad for Dale Peterson, a candidate running to be that state’s Agriculture Commissioner:


Having never heard of this gentleman before, I think I like him. Aside from the jarring video production (how many smash cuts can you put into one ad, reallY?), this is a pretty gutsy spot. I like the “gut-check” mentality of the ad, particularly that he calls out a specific issue with his opponent without getting into the mud.

I have no idea of the partisan politics potentially at work in this race since our news coverage in the Yellowhammer State is generally focused on production and policy, but it is fascinating to see campaign ads for a post like Ag Commissioner. Ohio’s Director of Agriculture is an appointed cabinet position, of course, but several states do elect their top ag regulators.