Dash, the dog that changed my life

Letting Go: Dash Has Gone to Valhalla

Dog is man’s best friend, and we said goodbye to our best friend today. Dash, officially known as Foxboro I’m In a Hurry CDX RAE GCG, was just two weeks shy of marking his 17th trip around the sun. Born August 19th, 2004, he is the dog that forever changed my relationship with dogs from […]


Reading List: August 30, 2019

Reading is good, and good for you. I’m fortunate, my folks read to me when I was a wee bairn, and never hesitated to buy me books throughout my youth. I read in the car on trips, read in my spare time, and generally fell in love with the written word. Here’s what I’m reading […]

Photo by Seej Nguyen from Pexels

On-air With Andy, August 2019

It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly 9 years since I was regularly reporting the news on radio stations across the Midwest and parts of the Southern U.S., but on some level I think I’ll always consider myself “an old radio guy.” I still get to play broadcaster from time to time, hosting video […]

The McRib

What Consumers Want: Tasty Food (and Transparency)

The McRib is back! I heard the news on the radio this morning that McDonald’s beloved rack-of-ribs-shaped pork sandwich is back in some 9,000 stores for another limited run, and knew that millions were rejoicing in the magical barbeque patty’s return. McRib’s triumphant return also reminded me of a stroke of brilliance McDonald’s did a […]

Kyle Snyder vs. Abdulrashid Sadulaev.

Reflection: What Defines You?

“Wins or losses don’t define me.” Kyle Snyder, riding a three-year gold medal streak that included two World Senior Men’s Freestyle Wrestling championships and the 2016 Olympic gold medal at 97kg, was pinned just 72 seconds into the final match of the 2018 World Championship. The match was a high-anticipated rematch of the 2017 World […]

Photo by Gladson Xavier from Pexels

Economy Still Growing, But Trade Woes Worry Farmers

A Bloomberg headline caught my attention this morning: U.S. Growth Engine Looks Able to Power Past Stock Market’s Woes. Reporter Christopher Condon noted that although stocks have taken a beating in recent weeks, economists are by and large unconcerned about what broader financial indicators say about prospects for continued growth in the U.S. economy. To put […]

What do consumers really want?

When It Comes to Food, What Do Consumers Really Want?

For several years now, I’ve spoken to agricultural groups and businesses about a variety of issues related to consumer perceptions of food, food marketing, and agricultural production practices. The discussion can be emotionally charged because most farmers I know derive a great deal of their personal identity and fulfillment, to say nothing of their financial […]

Feeling frustrated at work?

The Pitfall of Confusing Passion with Purpose

A couple of years back a Gallup release about employee engagement left me dumbstruck: in the firm’s survey of worker sentiment, for the first six months of 2015, engagement figures hovered steadily between 31.5% and 31.9%. What was almost more sobering was that only 40.4% of managers reported feeling engaged in their jobs. In other words, […]