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Kyle Snyder vs. Abdulrashid Sadulaev.

Reflection: What Defines You?

“Wins or losses don’t define me.” Kyle Snyder, riding a three-year gold medal streak that included two World Senior Men’s Freestyle Wrestling championships and the 2016 Olympic gold medal at 97kg, was pinned just 72 seconds into the final match of the 2018 World Championship. The match was a high-anticipated rematch of the 2017 World […]

Feeling frustrated at work?

The Pitfall of Confusing Passion with Purpose

A couple of years back a Gallup release about employee engagement left me dumbstruck: in the firm’s survey of worker sentiment, for the first six months of 2015, engagement figures hovered steadily between 31.5% and 31.9%. What was almost more sobering was that only 40.4% of managers reported feeling engaged in their jobs. In other words, […]