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Reading List: August 30, 2019

Reading is good, and good for you. I’m fortunate, my folks read to me when I was a wee bairn, and never hesitated to buy me books throughout my youth. I read in the car on trips, read in my spare time, and generally fell in love with the written word. Here’s what I’m reading […]

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On-air With Andy, August 2019

It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly 9 years since I was regularly reporting the news on radio stations across the Midwest and parts of the Southern U.S., but on some level I think I’ll always consider myself “an old radio guy.” I still get to play broadcaster from time to time, hosting video […]


Discussion: To Meat, Or Not to Meat

As a broadcaster and professional speaker, I’ve moderated quite a few panel discussions over the years. Last night I hosted an especially interesting one on behalf of the Animal Welfare & Behavior Club at The Ohio State University. “Food for Thought” was billed as “an open discussion on food animal production,” and designed to expose […]

The ProFarmer Midwest Crop Tour, Day 1

The ProFarmer Midwest Crop Tour, Day 1

I’m working late from my hotel room in Fishers, Indiana, our first stop on the ProFarmer Midwest Crop Tour. Day 1 took our band of merry men and maidens from Columbus to this suburb of Indianapolis via a dozen or so different routes across Western Ohio and Eastern Indiana. Along the way, scouts sampled corn […]

The ProFarmer Midwest Crop Tour

The ProFarmer Midwest Crop Tour

The 2010 ProFarmer Midwest Crop Tour is officially underway!   I’m covering my seventh or eighth Tour this year, and I’m thrilled. This is my “working” vacation every summer, where I get away from the office and the ABN County Fair and Festival Tour Powered by Propane (and this year away from school, too!), and […]

The Ohio State Fair Sale of Champions

The Ohio State Fair Sale of Champions

I realize I’m writing this a few days post facto, but it’s been a busy week, so indulge me. Lindsay and I were once again privileged to host the Ohio State Fair Sale of Champions. This marks the fourth year we’ve anchored the live television broadcast in partnership with the Ohio News Network. For us, […]

This Week's Column: The Final Drive

This Week’s Column: The Final Drive

Livestock shows are an abstract concept. I’ve been going to county, state and national agricultural expositions all my life, so I’d never given much thought to what an “outsider” might think upon seeing their first steer or heifer show. Last week, with the conclusion of the Ohio State Fair, I had reason to pause and […]