Congratulations to ABN Radio’s Beth Carper

Beth, who one of our affiliate radio station managers once referred to as my right hand, was elected today to serve as Secretary of the Ohio Shorthorn Breeders Association. Beth and husband Mike have a great herd of top shelf shorthorn females, and Lindsay and I are very lucky to work with Beth at ABN, and to partner with Mike and Beth on some great Shorthorn genetics, too. Mike, by the way, is President of the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association, so you get the idea that they are very passionate about the beef industry and its continued success.



I’m honored to be joining the Board of Directors of the Association alongside Beth and other great proponents of the Shorthorn breed like President Ron Cronley, Vice President Michael Bihl (who also serves on the OCA board with Mike), Treasurer Melinda Ulry, and the other Directors. The breed has a lot to offer the cattle industry in Ohio, including easy keeping females who calve without much help, provide some great maternal instincts and milk, and mother feeder cattle that flesh out easily and cut well marbled steaks.



While the breed has often been known for the style and flash these beautiful animals bring to the show ring, these are working cattle that are well suited to Ohio’s landscape and climate, and have a relevant role to play in the feedlot and on the rail.



I hope that Beth and I will be able to provide some vision and leadership to a wonderful organization.