Don’t Like the Message? Disparage the Messenger

In classic activist manner, the radical anti-meat terrorists at HSUS and their pro-vegan minions have waged war on investigative reporters and their interviewed guests in a story critical of HSUS’s fundraising tactics. As I mentioned earlier today, WSB-TV in Atlanta aired a tremendous piece of investigative journalism on HSUS’ deceptive fundraising scheme. Claiming to be a 501(c)3 – i.e. charitable organization – dedicated to preventing cruelty to animals, the organization is actually, according to CEO Wayne Pacelle, a “sophisticated political organization” bent on a mission to “replace animal products with readily available vegetarian alternatives.”



By presenting heartrending images of puppies and kittens in animal shelters, HSUS drags in over $120 million in annual contributions (on which they pay no taxes, of course, due to their 501c3 status). Their spending, on the other hand, is focused on legislative activities and ballot initiatives like Proposition 2 in California.



Their continued success hinges on continued public ignorance of HSUS’ real agenda and budgetary priorities. By highlighting the facts of the HSUS money trail, WSB-TV and the Center for Consumer Freedom earned the wrath of the vegan lobby. Pointing to a blog on the story, HSUS encouraged its minions to spread disparaging falsehoods about the report and the Center for Consumer Freedom.



In other words, because they didn’t like the message, they’ve decided to discredit the messenger. Claiming that the Center is some manner of industrial front-group, the HSUS-linked blogger attempts to tie the Center to a shadowy cabal including evil farmers and the tobacco industry.



The reporters, by the way, have apparently been muzzled as the video mysteriously disappeared from the WSB-TV website, and appears now only via YouTube. For now. Bullied by the massive political machine that HSUS, the station has apparently buckled.



Another pro-meat eating blog called Animal Right or Human Responsibility tackles the issue, and brings to light many relevant truths about HSUS and its fundraising agenda.