Don’t Tell Me I Actually Agree With the Animal Rights Types…,2933,332230,00.html

Hell may be freezing over as we speak…


Dateline: South Africa. The government here is in the process of implementing policies to thin the growing elephant population. I’m all about controlling nuisance animals, but there’s just something about taking down such a majestic creature seems wrong, particularly when it is coming up scarce in other parts of the world. While it appears to be thriving in South Africa, it is struggling in other parts of the continent.


I’m analogizing the elephant to the whitetail deer, our resident wildlife pest: In Ohio, we have well over 600,000 of these prolific pains in the posterior, with a landmass of 44,000 some odd square miles. South Africa, by comparison, is estimating an elephant population of 20,000 in a land mass of over 440,000 square miles. Whoa. Add to that the fact that the whitetail procreates with much more speed and efficiency than your friendly neighborhood pachyderm, and you can see why I’m hesitant to throw caution to the wind and say let’s all shoot some elephants….