Earth Day and the “Green” Wedding

From what I gather on the internet, today is Earth Day. I’m not typically one to get all giddy and ambitious on Earth Day, but there is one comment and one website I wanted to share.


First, to me, Earth Day has been hijacked by the wacky environmental loonies out there. I think Earth Day would be much more useful as a recognition of the work being done – literally as we speak – by the main stewards of the land: farmers. We’ve been pointing out this week on the air that farmers are the predominant caretakers of the Earth and our natural resources; keep that in mind today and every day.


Secondly, a very dear friend of ours is getting married this summer. Heath Eisele, a Southern Ohio farm boy like me and OSU Alum, is in the process of planning the first “green wedding” I’ve ever been involved with. Heath and his lovely bride-to-be have a very interesting website on living a “greener” lifestyle, but more interestingly, they’ve launched a blog on having a “green” wedding! They’re doing some very interesting things, and while Heath and I are diametrically opposed on nonsense like global warming and Al Gore’s parody An Inconvenient Way to Spend Two Hours, we do see eye to eye on things we do around the office like reusing our paper until it’s not usable any more, recycling our glass, plastic, aluminum, newsprint, etc, and using compact florescent light bulbs. Check out Heath’s blog – I think you’ll find it very interesting.