Foodservice Beef Backer Awards Announced

Showing’ the love to the folks who grill those great steaks:


National Beef Backer Award winners in foodservice were announced today by the Beef Checkoff Program at the Annual Cattle Industry Conference in Reno, Nev. The Beef Backer Award recognizes chain and independent restaurant operators who excel in menuing and marketing beef. This years national winners included Cherry Valley Country Club (Skillman, N.J.) in the Independentcategory, Logans Roadhouse (Nashville, Tenn.) in the Chaincategory and The Rex Restaurant & Bar (Billings, Mont.) as the Innovator of the Year.


“In 2007, more than 8.66 billion pounds of beef were served in the foodservice channel. It is important that we recognize and thank establishments that are providing outstanding beef-eating experiences away from home,” notes California cattleman Bill Jackson, vice chairman of the Joint Foodservice Committee. “The 2007 National Foodservice Beef Backers are doing just that.”


Steve Anderson, Logan’s Roadhouse senior vice president of marketing, was thrilled to receive the Chain Restaurant National Beef Backer Award. Logan’s Roadhouse prides itself on serving “craveable beef choices at incredible value.” Logan’s has implemented promotions to showcase beef such as the “Top Your Steak Off” menu category, where guests can customize their steaks as they choose, and the holiday advertisements on their menu that prompt customers to purchase gift certificates for steak.


“Logan’s Roadhouse is a great place for steak, first and foremost,” says Anderson. “It’s featured at both lunch and dinner, and our guests love it. We serve high quality, aged steaks, hand-cut fresh on the premises. From signature sirloins like the Logan and Onion Brewski to classic cuts such as our Filets and Ribeyes, Logan’s is well known for great steaks at a great value.”


Cherry Valley Country Club, a non-commercial establishment, won the “Independent of the Year” award by offering their patrons quality beef in a variety of applications across all menu day parts. Their exceptional commitment to serving “the best” has kept club members happy. Michael Giletto, executive chef of Cherry Valley Country Club, says, “As chefs, we look for the best ingredients to create the menus we design. I’ve found the best quality beef allows me to satisfy any diverse palate.”


Giletto’s commitment this year was not only to continue to put beef on the menu, but to promote beef to the general public, purveyors, club patrons and fellow chefs. Giletto participated in a television show called, “The Digital Cookbook,” demonstrating how to prepare exceptional beef recipes in realistic time. He also shared cooking videos with a children’s TV show to help spark kids’ interest in cooking with beef.


The Rex Restaurant & Bar captured the “Innovator of the Year” title by preserving The Rex’s 25 year old tradition of serving “the best steak in town” while managing to integrate new cuts like the Flat Iron and Ranch Steak into menu applications. Owner Gene Burgad says, “Today, like 25 years ago, the Rex menu features beef as our menu mainstay. In addition to the traditional cuts, we are now featuring the newer cuts of beef, offering our customers a wide variety of beef items on the menu. From blackened Prime Rib to garlic roasted and bacon wrapped filets to Flat Iron, Hanger, and Ranch Steaks, as well as steaks in salads and appetizers, The Rex team is proud of their diverse, beef centered menu.”


Gene and his head chef David Maplethorpe, believe in beef. “It is such a huge part of our Montana economy, and we are passionate about bringing quality beef to our Montana community.”