Hoard’s Dairyman on “How to Lose” the Animal Welfare Argument

Hoard’s is one of my favorite magazines, and they have a good blog, as well. I noted they moved the address of their RSS feed this morning, and in so doing, caused me to review the last month or so of their posts.  One in particular caught my eye: ” How to lose the argument on animal welfare.” The author shares a “Top 12” list of sorts on ways to lose the debate on animal rights vs. animal welfare. Some highlights:

1. Assuming science will give us all the answers; it only gives us some of the answers. I believe strongly in science, but science doesn’t solve ethical questions.

3. Assuming that you have to defend all agricultural practices, regardless of what they are. I believe you defend those that are defensible. Period.

7. Assuming that the lunatic fringe is the general public. We spend way to much time focusing on lunatics and not working with the public.

9. Assuming that because someone disagrees with you they are stupid, evil, or both.

Okay, I’m big enough to admit I struggle with #9…