John Phipps Thinks We May Be Off-Base on HSUS Strategy

I’ve written quite a bit about H$U$ and their agenda to end the consumption of animal-derived proteins in this country, with both positive and negative reactions from readers. I’ve often wondered if my critics in public forums such as this blog are “real people” who listen to our radio network and read our website, or if they’re H$U$ staffers/supporters planted to provide dissent.



Yesterday, however, a real person suggested that I (along with much of the rest of organized agriculture) may be off-base in my scrutiny of Wayne Pacelle’s $200 million “sophisticated policial organization.” John Phipps, Illinois farmer and host of U.S. Farm Report, linked a recent post here on his blog. Phipps, also referring to the “war” between climate change skeptics and alarmists, expressed his “doubts concerning the feeling in much of agriculture to confront those who take issue with our methods and goals.”



Now Phipps is certainly no fan of H$U$ and their mission, nor is he an apologist for their attacks on American agriculture. Nonetheless, he appears to be taking a stance somewhat contrarian to (most of) the rest of the farm community. If you’re a regular reader of his blog, you’ll find that John’s not afraid to stand alone on a given issue, particularly the issue of climate change.



I look forward to your thoughts.



Thanks, btw, for the link, John; I’m humbled.