More On HSUS As Lobbying/Investor Organization

No regular reader here is unaware that the “Humane Society” of the United States, HSUS, purports itself to be an animal care organization akin to your local animal shelter, but in reality is a “sophisticated political organization.” HSUS’ CEO Wayne Pacelle today also shares his belief that HSUS is a highly successful lobbying organization, as well.


I also found this piece via my friend Troy Hadrick: HSUS is getting in the pet food business.



So, in addition to buying stock in companies ranging from Sonic to Steak & Shake, the company is now marketing it’s own brand of pet food. Tell my, please, why more people aren’t asking critical questions about the “for profit” status of HSUS…



Furthermore, the Department of Justice and Department of Agriculture are hosting a series of “workshops” on competition in the agriculture industry… Perhaps DOJ and our friends at the IRS might spend some time looking into the dealings of this anti-agriculture lobbying/investment organization‚Ķ