Morning Roundup: NPR/Fox, No-Till and OLD Cheese

Let’s start the day with some interesting links from around the interweb:



— Hook Family Releases AGED Cheddar: The Hook family of Wisconsin makes some of the best cheese in the world. One of the highlights of covering World Dairy Expo each October is sampling some of the local cheeses, and Hook’s various cheddar and swiss specialties are among my favorites. World Dairy Diary reports that the couple has released one of its greatest accomplishments: a 15 YEAR OLD cheddar! Fascinating story; wish I had some to sample…



— Lindsey Covers Ohio No-Till Conference:and interviews one of my favorite retired ag teachers, Ed Winkle. After retiring from the profession of educating high school students about the business, science, and industry of farming and agriculture, Ed because what I call an “evangelist” for no-till and conservation tillage practices. Traveling around the world, Ed’s still largely an educator, but this time working with professional farmers on how they can improve their farming operations and do a better job of managing their soil and natural resources. Ed writes a great blog, and I highly encourage you to follow his work.



— NPR Joins Obama in War on FOX: With the White House already working to censor/strong arm/discredit FoxNews, the “Fair & Balanced” cable net found a new aggressor this week as internal documents from National Public Radio revealed the government-funded media outlet attempted to keep contributor Mara Liasson off Fox. NPR is well known for it’s left-leaning tendencies, but I have great respect for two NPR personalities regularly featured on Fox: Liasson and Juan Williams. Williams is often more overtly supportive of the Left’s policy predilections, but he and Liasson both display and impressive grasp of fair-minded commentary, often taking the Administration and the Democrat-controlled Congress to task.



They add some much needed “balance” to some of my favorite FoxNews programming, and I especially enjoyed when they joined Conservatives Bill Kristol and Fred Barnes on Brit Hume’s Special Report. The panels were respectful, insightful, and enlightening. NPR would like the association of Liasson (and presumably Williams) with Fox to end. Because of her Fox contract, and hopefully better sensibility, Liasson politely told NPR to butt out.



I applaud Liasson for her resolve, and encourage NPR to reconsider their decision to join the President in his war on FoxNews.