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On-air With Andy, August 2019

It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly 9 years since I was regularly reporting the news on radio stations across the Midwest and parts of the Southern U.S., but on some level I think I’ll always consider myself “an old radio guy.” I still get to play broadcaster from time to time, hosting video interviews like these at Feedstuffs, and I really enjoy those conversations with newsmakers and experts in agriculture

Earlier this month I had the chance to go back to my radio roots, in a sense, as guest host for Midwest Dairy’s “Dairy On The Air” podcast series. Midwest Dairy asked me to fill in for regular host Lucas Lentsch (the organization’s CEO) while I was serving as master of ceremonies for their annual Dairy Experience Forum in St. Paul, Minn.

In my first episode as guest host, I talked with Cheryl Pinto of Ben & Jerry’s, the iconic ice cream brand. Cheryl is director of sustainable sourcing for the company, and she offered a wealth of insight into the challenges and opportunities facing farmers, dairy processors and food manufacturers in balancing the various pieces of the sustainability equation… including economic sustainability.

During my second episode, I sat down with generational marketing expert Jeff Fromm, one of my favorite speakers in that space, about our newest generation of consumers, Generation Z. A word of caution: lump Gen Z in with the oft-maligned Millenials at your peril. They are distinct cohorts and have very different approaches and perspectives to purchasing.

And if sports is more your bent, I also did my semi-regular stint as guest co-host on the Eleven Dubcast, the podcast of Eleven Warriors, the best Buckeye-centric site on the internet. Host Johnny Ginter and I dished about what’s happening in the world of Ohio State sports in the final week of the college football preseason. You can listen to that chatfest here.

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