Social Media vs. Blogging

One of the great things about moving our studios to The Ohio State University a couple of years ago is the unprecedented access we have to the University, and likewise that friends and guests have to us. We’re often asked to host student groups like the Ohio Pork Youth Leadership Institute last month, and today the Ohio FFA Association’s State Officer Team. The State FFA Officers recently (at the behest of my friend and fellow social media “agvocate” Dan Toland) entered the Twitterverse. In our conversations regarding social media, I opined that my involvement with Facebook and Twitter have taken a great deal of the time I previously dedicated to writing this blog.

I’m presuming that I’m not the only person to notice this phenomenon, but as I logged in here, I noted that I didn’t write a single post during the Ohio State Fair. In previous years I seem to recall writing throughout the Fair about the various shows and events underway. One possible explanation, of course, is that I missed more of the Fair this year than I have at any point in the past decade due to my 20 hours of classes at Ohio State… The other possibility, of course, is that I shared my observations and activities via Facebook/Twitter.

So, what say you? What is the role of the blog relative to the whole Social Media sphere? Am I just a slacker, or are my pithy comments best contained in 140 characters or less?