Andy for Your Industry

Andy on agribusiness

Born a Midwestern farm kid, Andy innately appreciates the business of agriculture. Coupled with his career in farm broadcasting and journalism, he is uniquely prepared to both encourage and challenge your perspectives on the futute of food and agriculture. “Business as usual” no longer gets the job done, and Andy can help your organization consider its direction both now and in the future.

Andy on the commodity markets

After years of reporting the markets on air and in the pages of Feedstuffs, Andy makes the complex issues of the commodity markets accessible to audiences through storytelling and relevant data. Your organization will benefit from his analysis of trends and developments in the global marketplace.

Andy on food marketing

If your organization is in the business of marketing food, it needs to understand the beginning of the chain – production agriculture. Andy can help your organization interpret the trends in agriculture and understand how various sectors of food production and marketing can work together in meeting consumer demands.