• Illinois AG Leadership Foundation
  • Renaissance Nutrition
  • Penn State Extension
  • Mercer Milling/Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition
  • Alltech
  • PIC
  • Western United Dairymen
  • Wisconsin Cattlemen’s Assocation
  • American Association of Swine Veterinarians
  • Belstra Milling
  • National Grain and Feed Association
  • Vita Plus
  • Iowa Select Farms
  • Vermont Feed Dealers Association
  • National FFA Organization
  • Ohio FFA Association
  • Animal Agriculture Alliance

Client testimonials

“Andy brought a very realistic view on the topic of agriculture advocacy to the program…..He was able to talk about what was really happening out there…”

– National FFA Organization

“One of the most memorable quotes from Mr. Vance’s presentation was “I’m not here to tell you what you want to hear, I’m here to tell you what you need to hear.” Mr. Vance did just that–but in a charming, and oftentimes comical way that put the audience at ease. While Mr. Vance delivered a message that would otherwise have been difficult for many tried-and-true agriculture enthusiasts to swallow, his eloquent delivery made the message more palatable. If you want a dynamic, engaging and passionate speaker, you can’t go wrong with Andy Vance.”

– Animal Agriculture Alliance

“I would highly recommend Mr. Vance and the presentation he has to make for consideration. He is a worthwhile investment, as he calls each of us to think carefully and consider the many concerns he has documented – items and issues that may take a toll on the agriculture industry of this nation, if they are not addressed. He presents information in a straight forward, factual way, supported by documentation and not simply sensationalism.”

– Renaissance Nutrition

“The greatest value in your message was the encouragement and motivation you offered. I personally left the meeting feeling better about being part of production agriculture.”

– Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition

“Andy gave two presentations that stimulated, informed, and entertained our conference attendees. He covered topics including animal welfare and the livestock industry public relations. These are issues that are not always the most well received, but he presented them in a way that returned many positive comments from the audience. Multiple people said that Andy’s sessions were the best and highlighted the whole conference.”

– Wisconsin Cattlemen’s Association