Surprising and Concerning Change in GOP Platform

The National Corn Growers Association on Wednesday confirmed that the Republican platform process is completed and that the delegates will not be going back to the document. The language to remove the Renewable Fuels Standard is in the package, the Ohio Corn Growers Association confirmed for me earlier this week.


In response, Ron Litterer, president of the National Corn Growers Association, said,

“We at the National Corn Growers Association are disappointed that the Republican platform contains a statement on ethanol that appears so ill-advised and poorly thought out given the scientific evidence of the value of ethanol to US citizens. The new platform statement directly opposes the strong support for a Renewable Fuels Standard in the 2007 energy bill, support given by both Republicans and Democrats in the Congress and from President Bush. Much of the credit for the ethanol industry’s growth in the past few years goes to the positive actions by many in the Republican Party, who are taking giant steps to move our country toward a more secure nation by relying less on foreign oil.”


The Ohio Corn Growers Association echoed the statement from NCGA, and the American Farm Bureau Federation