This Global Warming Nonsense Is Getting Out of Hand


As if the hue and cry over my television wasn’t enough, the environmental wacktivists out there may be trying to push me completely over the edge. Like our colleagues at AgWired, we received a press release from some enviro-publication blaming – get this – COWS for global warming.


As Chuck points out, “E” Magazine features a cover story saying the two main sources of greenhouse gas emissions are the opposite ends of your average bovine. The very mechanics of the ruminant digestive system, as you know, produce methane gas – that methane escapes from the cow in one of two ways, which is what the enviros are touting as the latest cataclysm in their global warming game of Chicken Little.


So let me get this straight – now I’m supposed to feel guilty about eating a juicy steak while I watch my soaps in the evening? I call bull (some pun intended). I already thought this whole global warming was a bunch of hullabaloo, but now I’m convinced this is another radical left-wing guilt campaign.


I’m also guessing, based on the circles in which these loonies run, that there are more than a few vegans in the neighborhood of this effort. If we weren’t cruel consumers of cow-flesh, you know, we wouldn’t need such an expansive supply of these earth-wrecking gas bags. Which begs the question of these animal-cuddling tree-huggers: what would we do with all these cows if we didn’t eat meat?